Garlic soup

I came across this recipe when the boys were showing early signs of the flu bug. Since I had all and more ingredients, I quickly got set to work.

Oh I must add a note- my children are anti-soup (except for Princess who enjoys only potato leek soup- recipe coming soon ;)) That does not stop me from making this versatile and v v nutritious dish. Recent discussion in a local parenting forum taught me easier of making soup even without pre-made stock. Just throw in the bones with ingredients! How hassle-free is that! (except for the chopping and dicing ;o)

Back to this recipe, not sure if it had any great impact but I think I managed to prevent the flu bug from spreading with this and other effective natural remedies ;))

– Garlic (roasted or fresh) I also discovered how easily I can make my own garlic butter with roasted garlic!!
– Potatoes
– Carrots
– Leek/ onions (or both ;))
– Celery
– Peppercorns
– Thyme
– Stock
– EVOO/ butter

– Saute leek and potatoes (with fresh garlic) in oil/ butter, until softened.
– Add carrots and stock. Let ingredients simmer. Add the roasted garlic.
– Add pepper and thyme.
– When ingredients are cooked, cool the soup.
– Puree in blender.