About the Whimsical Cook

Welcome to my masak masak blog! Masak is Malay for ‘cooking’. ‘Masak-masak’ is a Malay term for cooking play, where toddlers play with those plastic kitchen toys ;p When I received my first food processor (a wedding gift), I was fascinated by the numerous creations I could conjure with that one gadget! I remember telling the husband- ‘Hey its just like playing masak-masak!’ So yup, my kitchen is my playground and the cooking/ kitchen appliances are my toys ;> 

I never thought I would start one on cooking considering how there are gazillions of fantastic food blogs out in the blogosphere.These established blogs are my inspiration for my culinary experiments. Usually, there will be tweaks and modifying the original recipes- I believe most cooks improvise by default ;P Unless, its home tried and tested recipe, you will find links to the original recipe with my own version. As the locals will say- 2 for 1!

Enjoy my whimsy recipes and hope to hear of your culinary adventures too! ;D


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